Does National Wealth Management Group offer monetary transition support? National Wealth Management Group offers personnel support by assigning new advisors a transition specialist for the first three months after the transfer of registration.   LPL Financial offers qualifying advisors monetary transition support to advisors who transfer their securities registration to the broker/dealer.   Contact us for additional details. 

What qualifies an advisor for monetary transition assistance from LPL Financial? Currently, only advisors with a verifiable trailing GDC of $125,000 or more are considered qualified.  This qualification is subject to change without notice by the broker/dealer.

What are the transaction fees (ticket charges) associated with the advisor-directed trading platform? Trades made via an exchange are $9 per trade.  Mutual fund trades range from $26.50 for non-participating funds to $0 for participating funds per transaction (DCA buys/sells are always $0).  Fixed income trades are $0.  Advisors can elect to cover transaction costs or pass them on to their clients on a per account basis. 

What payout can I expect from NWMG? Every advisor we serve requires a different set of business solutions, therefore we afford advisors the ability to negotiate their grid payouts based on their needs.   The average NWMG payout is currently 90%.  A pricing grid can be made available upon request. 

Does NWMG offer a turn-key solution for advisors looking to move quickly? Yes.  We have office space readily available in multiple cities throughout the US.  Space availability may vary, depending on demand.  We currently can accommodate turn-key requests for Boca Raton, FL, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH.

Broker / Dealer Fee Disclosures 

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