As investors’ trusted resource for financial services, our financial institutional partners are uniquely positioned to help them reach a wide variety of financial goals.  A relationship with National Wealth Management Group provides the opportunity to widen service offerings and deepen customer relationships. We specialize in delivering investment programs inside community banks, credit unions and similar institutions by matching these institutions with our knowledgeable, professional independent advisors.

By partnering with National Wealth Management Group, you create an investment program with:

  • A turn-key, proven solution
  • Early stage profitability with little to no upfront or ongoing cost
  • A contractor model that doesn’t require additional headcount
  • A new source of revenue in a low interest yield environment
  • The opportunity to become fully established as the financial hub of the community and build client loyalty
  • Built-in regulatory oversight with multiple layers of risk mitigation 
  • The knowledge and expertise to set investment programs in motion from inception
  • Cost savings from avoiding employee recruitment and new hire onboarding
  • The association with an advisor who is already established within the community with no need for securities licensing within the institution

Whether you’re exploring the possibility of entering the investment business or expanding your current investment offerings, a partnership with National Wealth Management Group can help you maximize that potential.  With this model, you have autonomy over your relationship with the independent financial advisor, including:

  • Revenue share that’s agreed upon by you and your LPL independent advisor, paid accordingly.
  • The ability to track your clients’ investment business with access to our systems, allowing a representative from your institution to access revenue information generated by your LPL independent advisor through your investment program.
  • Resources to help at every step of the way, providing direction and offering suggestions

Services available to our institutions and advisors with freedom of product choice, quality service, regulatory expertise, and superior technological capabilities.

Investment Services

  • Full-service brokerage (commission- and fee-based vehicles)
  • Platform services

Advisor Recruiting

  • Candidate sourcing and screening
  • Offer and negotiation consulting

Insurance Services

  • Advanced life applications
  • Long-term care
  • Term life/disability
  • Key man

Commercial Services

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Qualified plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Sweep accounts

Retirement Services

  • Income planning
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Packaged products

Marketing Services

  • Compliance-approved seminars, letters, and articles
  • Branch training resources
  • Professionally designed marketing materials easily accessed through
  • Marketing On Demand
  • Marketing consultation services, including marketing plans, social media strategy, prospecting, and more

Wealth Management

  • Full suite of advisory services
  • Financial planning
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Estate planning

Contact Management

  • Cloud system offered by
  • Salesforce CRM integrated with BranchNet (LPL proprietary technology platform)
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Monitoring of investment business for each client or member

Other Services

  • Traditional Institution Services
  • Investment Program5
  • Compliance oversight
  • Trust services
  • Licensed banker, advisor, and training