In addition to a wide selection of advisory trading platforms and a variety of third-party money managers, NWMG Advisors have accesses to two, no-minimum asset allocation models managed in house at no additional charge*. This enables our advisors to outsource the account management portion of their business to focus on relationship management and other activities that promote business growth.   


Strategic Core ETF Series: 

The Strategic Core ETF Model series utilizes ETFs to build ten different models with varying risk profiles and asset mixes. The models are designed with low-cost, efficient index ETFs to minimize ticket charges to the client or the advisor. The models are rebalanced based on asset drift. 


Tactical Series:

The Tactical Series Models, designed in conjunction with LPL Financial Research, incorporate target risk management philosophy emphasizing their respective investment objectives:  income, balanced, growth & aggressive growth.  The models are primarily composed of ETFs but may also use open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds and individual securities. 


*Advisor or client must pay associated trading charges.